Amplify your online presence across ALL your brand’s touchpoints.

Get The Ultimate Branding Kit Bundle

+1100 Done-for-you Branding Templates for ALL your platforms

**20 Unique Brand Styles*

Here's an*EXCLUSIVE OPPORTUNITY* to completely level up your branding game ACROSS ALL YOUR PLATFORMS (social media, web pages, funnels & email marketing)




Amplify your online presence across ALL your brand’s touchpoints.

The Ultimate Branding Kit Bundle

+1100 Brand Templates for your Stories, Social Media, Blogging, Funnels, Email Marketing and more...

Perfect if you're struggling to build a professional looking brand, this is your all-in-one branding template solution.

Hey! If you don't know me, I'm Maria ✨

I've been a graphic & web designer for well over 17 years. I usually only offer tailor made, done-for-you services for business owners looking for unique logo design, professional branding, or to digitize their businesses with websites, marketing & funnels... My done-for-you services sell at high-ticket but I have found there is a HUGE demand for pre-build graphic templates at a more "affordable" price 😉 especially for those who are just starting out.

So, this is the first time I have ever designed a set of DIY Branding Templates for digital creators!

I recently launched the first 10 FREE BRAND BOARD MOOD TEMPLATES in Systeme.IO Facebook Group.

It was SOOOOO successful and so many wonderful people reached out to me with questions, specific needs.

NO.1 it missed MASCULINE branding - I admit my initial design style and primary niche is female entrepreneurs. So naturally I had a brilliant freebie for women looking for feminine branding, but the guys were like "Hey Maria! Please make more guy colors! I'm looking for masculine branding please..."

And so I listened... & I got to work...

For Almost 1 month, I worked endlessly...

I created THIS template bundle. Here's an sneak peak of what's inside:

I designed a full range of branded templates for each of the 20 brand styles... meaning, I have built out ALL your branding templates for you to create with ease for Facebook/ Instagram/ TikTok/ YouTube Shorts/ AND your web funnel banners - to tailor make your funnels in your *new branding* (Yay!)

Imagine, all your content in the same visual brand identity from the freebies you already have, so you don't have to struggle to "figure it out alone".


PERFECT for online entrepreneurs looking to create professional looking content & sales funnels quickly and without fuss.

Coaches, consultants & service providers:

If you can't invest thousands of dollars in your branding because you are testing the waters with a side hustle, or you're just starting out or you are in a transition phase and you simply don’t have budget - THIS template bundle does all the heavy lifting for you at only $47!!

Normal Price $67


Because I know….

I have been there. Struggling to "figure it out alone"...

So I fully understand and appreciate DIY creators because I am one of them.

But the thing is, I see so many coaches having such incredible programs / offers and skills to genuinely help so many people and create massive impact but they JUST don’t have design skills to create professional looking branding for their content to really stand out.

And I figure... Why should these coaches get punished or be limited in reaching their full potential?

This is why I have created this DIY-branding template bundle.

For DIY-creators looking to elevate their visual brand identity across all web pages AND for VAs or social media managers looking to create different branded content for multiple clients.

That’s right, this product also works incredibly well for Social Media Managers & Service Based Businesses who produce content for different brands.

If you want to create impactful, cohesive, beautiful branding that feels professional, to match your brand’s offers - then this bundle is perfect for you.

Inside, you'll get...

  • 240 Instagram Carousels & eye-catching Posts designed to immediately grab attention & engage!
  • 260 Stories to incorporate your branding even into your daily life
  • 260 Instagram Highlights to re-brand your Instagram feed with your new branding to keep it strong and consistent.
  • 300 captivating Reel Covers to ensure your Reels not only sound good but look good too.
  • 160 web funnel banner graphics for you to add to your funnels, optin / landing or sales pages to ensure your funnel has perfect coherence and seamless conversions
  • 20 Engaging Email Delivery PDFs to seamlessly communicate your digital products
  • 20 Facebook Cover banners to have your offer stand out every time someone visits your profile.
  • ... and that's just scratching the surface!

It's time to UNLOCK your Ultimate Business Power: Elevate EVERY Aspect of Your Branding & Online Presence NOW!

RECAP: I've built the foundation of your new brand identity for you - with the freebie you just downloaded. AND... if you want to keep the branding momentum going and make EVERY single touch-point of your online presence scream professionalism and consistency...

Then this offer is for you

Go next level & brand your entire online presence seamlessly or create for multiple brands as a SMM or VA 😉

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Start creating your best on-brand content for every platform in a matter of minutes.

Zero Design Skills Required 🎨 easy-peasy drag-and-drop customization, even if Canva sounds like a foreign language to you.

No Copywriting Wizardry Needed ✒ I provide not just design but structure – ensuring your brand's message is both visually and verbally compelling.

Instant Brand Elevation 🚀 with everything from Instagram carousels, stories, blog post graphics, and captivating reel covers, your brand will pop wherever it appears.

Save Time dive straight into customizing, no need to start from scratch.

Cost-Efficient 💸 no more costly designer fees for every tweak or post.

Consistency is King 🔥 keep a consistent, magnetic brand look across all touchpoints.


We all know that standing out online is not a luxury – it's a necessity that requires tremendous time and effort. But guess what? Branding doesn't have to be hard, time-consuming, or drain your pockets. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions in case you're still on the fence.

Who am I and why did I design these templates for you?

Hi! I'm Maria and I am the co-founder of AM Studio Creatif brand & web design agency based in Reunion.

I'm the designer who created this mini but mighty digital product that will get you moving forward quickly, saving you massive time, removing the confusion & struggle. Because I know all of it. I have been there. I fully understand and appreciate DIY creators because I am one of them!

The thing is, I see so many coaches & service providers having such incredible programs, offers and skills to genuinely help so many people and create massive impact but they JUST don’t have design skills to match the product or services they are offering. I feel this such a shame to see so many people struggle with something that can be so simple if they just had the tools (or templates) to get them going in the right direction. Everything is AI generated now, but branding still is essential! Why not take your AI-generated content and add your visual brand identity to all your web content, social media, sales funnel & email marketing. THIS is what truly helps entreprneurs truly stand out online.

That's why I created this DIY-Template bundle, so that you can create your brilliant branding yourself! I am excited to see how you elevate your brand with my templates & special designs! If you have any questions, reach out me at

How do I use this?

I have done all the heavy lifting for you - instead of wondering what colors / fonts / visual style to use to create a professional looking brand. Simply choose the branding you like, and open the relevant design you’re looking for.

Looking to update your Facebook profile or Instagram account?

Open the Facebook Cover banner design, change your info, download and publish.

Open the Instagram Highlight bubbles, social posts, stories, or reels covers, to create “branded content” that’s aligned to your chosen branding and identity.

Building funnels?

Grab the horizontal or square banners and add your coaching program, ebook, products into the “already-created” designs that fit your chosen branding.

Is it right for me?

The Ultimate Branding Kit is PERFECT if you are:

- an online entrepreneur looking to get something up quickly and without fuss. You’re not looking to invest heavy in your branding because you are testing the waters, you are in a transition phase, or you are just starting out and simply don’t have budget to pay thousands for a logo and branding.

- a DIY creator looking to create a professional looking brand for yourself, or create dozens of different brands for your own clients or creative agency.

- a service-based business owner who produces content for different brands. If you struggle to create impactful, cohesive, beautiful branding that feels professional, to match your brand’s offers - then this product is also perfect for you!

Do you give any refunds?

Once you've made your purchase, you get immediate access to all of the template library and you can start to customize them. Due to the nature of this digital product, there are no refunds.

Ready to turn your brand's volume up to its max?

Get a total of 1120 brand templates designed in 20 different trendy branding styles covering all of your brand’s touch-points and needs, including:

Everything is ready for you, you just have to add your logo & own videos / images, and start publishing across all your platforms.

In a few clicks you are ready to post!

Get Immediate & Instant Access: As soon as you snag this exclusive deal, you're in! Start enhancing your business brand immediately simply and effectively.

Get all the brand templates you need to create a cohesive and visually appealing brand across all your platforms & funnels.

Elevate your business brand & content immediately the simple way! See you on the inside 😉✨

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